• Professional Aviation Consulting Services

    Data Analysis, Technical Research and Writing, Environmental Planning, EIS, Noise Abatement, Contract Compliance, Business Management.

  • Leadership Training

    Aviation Academic Initiative K-12: Four to Twelve week programs available.

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  • Career Planning

    Professional Development and Industry Exposure

  • Motivational Speaker and Presenter

    Elementary/High School Career Days, Science Fairs, Commencements, Black History Month Events, Aviation Industry Conference Presenter and Speaker, Education Forums/Panels, University Presentations

  • Aviation Exploration Workshops

    K-12: Introduce students to the world of Aviation, general principles of flight, explore aviation's impact in everyday life, discuss the history of of aviation and the progression of aerospace technology.

  • Mentorship Program

    Grades 7-12 & Post Secondary Provide resources and support system for students interested in persuing a career in Aviation

AeroStar, Aviation and Beyond!

AeroStar Note...

AeroStar Consulting Corporation supports the Chicago Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated, a Not-For-Profit Organization that encourages and assists youth within the Chicago Area in pursuing post secondary education and careers in the aerospace industry.

- Tammera Holmes. founder